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How to fix ‘hidden’ folders in Windows ?

When a folder is hidden in Windows, you cannot see it in Windows explorer. However you can navigate to it if you access the full path name (either in Windows Explorer or via command line). You can also use “dir /a” command to show hidden files. When you pull up the properties for the hidden folder, you wil see the ‘hidden’ check box is set and grayed out. You can use the ‘attrib’ command to unhide the folder.

If selecting ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’ under View -> Folder Options  don’t do the trick, try this command:

From Windows Command prompt

attrib -H -S <full path of the folder name> /D /S

-H : Clears Hidden attribute

-S : Clears System attribute

/D : Processes folders in addition to files

/S : Processes folders and files in subfolders recursively.

Thank God there is command line.

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