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Is Jboss impacted by the deadly ShellShock Bash Bug ?

Over half a billion systems are estimated to be impacted by Shellshock aka Bash Bug. The bug opens the door to a hacker to take over system.

Who is impacted ?

If you have Bash installed on your system, you are impacted. Bash, by default, is present on most of the Unix and Mac OS platforms. It does not matter which software products you run on top of the Operating System (such as Application Servers, Database servers etc). If you are Unix or Mac OS, changes are you are impacted.

If you are running Jboss (any Jboss product such as Application Server, EAP, SOA, BPM suites etc) on Windows platform, sit back and relax. Windows does not have bash and you don’t have to worry about Shellshock. However, if you have cygwin installed in your system, then you may be vulnerable as cygwin comes with Bash.

How to implement the fix ?

Trendmicro has the most upto date information on the fix. Check out the link http://www.trendmicro.com/us/security/shellshock-bash-bug-exploit/index.html

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