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Elastic{ON} 2nd annual Elasticsearch User Conference


Elastic has announced the agenda for the 2nd annual Elasticsearch User Conference. It is a 3 day conference packed with tons of useful information. If you are a serious user of Elasticsearch, or even thinking about deploying Elasticsearch in the future, this conference has lot to offer.

The conference is going to be held at San Francisco for 3 days from Feb 17 through Feb 19 of 2016. It is expected to receive at least two thousand attendees. So, it is going to be BIG.

While there will be lots of information shared about future roadmap of Elastic Search, the real exciting part, and the biggest bang for the buck, in my opinion, will be the presentations from current Elasticsearch users. It will be eye-opening to see how companies use Elasticsearch to manage their log ecosystem. You will get to meet real world users of Elasticsearch and it opens doors for creating a superb Network or expanding your current one.

Featured speakers include Shay Banon, Founder and CTO of ElasticSearch, Rashid Khan, Kibana Creator, Jordan Sissel, Logstash Creator, Simon Willnauer, Founder and Tech Lead and Elasticsearch.

There will be live demos and you can get your hands dirty too, if you want. There are 40+ sessions of lecture. There will also be couple of ‘Ask me anything’ sessions that are wide open for wild questions.

Overall, I believe it will be worth the time and money to attend the conference if you are serious about deploying and using Elasticsearch.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this year (hopefully, next year J)

Please let me know if you guys attend and drop a couple of lines on your experience.

Here is the complete agenda of the conference:


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