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My New Book on Splunk

I’m super excited to announce that my new book Practical Splunk Search Processing Language has been published.

While there are many Splunk books in the market today, almost all of them try to combine several aspects of Splunk into one book. I’ve not found a single book that focuses solely on teaching SPL (Search Processing Language). For a user, learning SPL is the key to getting the most out of the Splunk platform. So, I decided to fill in the gap :-).

I know that SPL can be intimidating for a new user (heck, even for an experienced user, it can be intimidating). But it does not have to remain that way. The key to mastering SPL is to focus on a handful of commands and fully mastering them. For example, while SPL has more than 140 commands, you’ve probably only used the following commands more often than not:

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